Portal Lowongan Kerja BUMN


  • Integrity

    Loker BUMN 45 is State-Owned Enterprises Job Vacancies portal that has integrity and is trusted by State-Owned Enterprises companies in Indonesia as a national recruitment publication center.

  • Credibility

    Screening and validating of information sources or references are the main basis for publishing Loker BUMN 45 media portal to create a credible presentation of information.


    In order to contribute to improving the capabilities of job seekers, Loker BUMN 45 creates freelance program opportunities with open recruitment to support efforts to upgrade capability.


      Inside Loker BUMN 45

      Get to know the Loker BUMN 45 more closely by staying updated on all programs and information held. The following are some of the latest activities of the Loker BUMN 45 related to webinar programs or online seminars, development, training, and so on.

    1. The second webinar of Loker BUMN 45 was attended by the Head of DISPERINDAG of East Java Province.

    2. Webinar by Loker BUMN 45 was attended by Menparekraf Sandiaga Uno and East Java Deputy Governor Emil Dardak.

    3. The CEO of Loker BUMN 45 attended and filled a talk show at Gressmall Gresik.


    Startup Locker BUMN 45 becomes your information portal and provides exclusively educative information to provide new insights for Sobat 45.